Steven Wilson’s Acoustic Guitar Chords in PERSONAL SHOPPER

In this post I transcribe the chords used by Steven Wilson in his song “PERSONAL SHOPPER”.

One of my favorite sections from Steven Wilson’s latest album “THE FUTURE BITES” is in the song “PERSONAL SHOPPER”.

The section is during 5:15 – 6:40 of the song.

It features Elton John reading a shopping list. The background contains a foundation of pads and rhythmic beats. Steven Wilson discussed this song and section in depth during his interview on the Sodajerker podcast.

The section also contains a layer of acoustic guitar chords played in a simple downstroke strum. It sounds like several acoustic guitar tracks were recorded, and possibly a 12-string was used. It creates a very rich sounding tone that swells over you as the chords are strummed. Steven Wilson has talked about being a fan of such rich sounding stereo acoustic guitar soundscapes. Hearing this section I instantly associate it as “Steven Wilson chords”.

Here is a transcription of the chords I believe he played:

personal shopper guitar chords tab

Note the use of the “Alex Lifeson chord” that I discussed in my Power Chord Alternatives post.

Check out the song and consider incorporating this into your songwriting and playing!

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