1000 Spotify Playlists that Accept Music Submissions

If you’re a guitarist seeking to promote your band's music, you need to try pitching to Spotify playlists!

In 2021 I launched Playlist Drop. A dataset containing 1000 Spotify playlists that are accepting music submissions.

Getting placed on Spotify community made playlists is a fantastic way for guitarists to market their music and grow their audience. Getting added to a “hot” playlist could result in thousands of new listeners discovering your music. 

Unfortunately Spotify does not make it easy for musicians to find and get placed on playlists. It can take hours just to find a handful of playlists that are a good fit for your music. Plus, when you do find a playlist you like, you will also need to hunt down the playlist owner’s contact information. And in many cases you may not find it.

Playlist Drop is a solution to these challenges. It’s value comes by solving three of the main challenges musicians face when looking for playlists:

  1. It’s easy and fast to search
  2. Every playlist is accepting submissions
  3. Every playlist includes the contact information of the creator

The dataset is a great starting point for guitarists looking to promote their music to playlists. There are many more playlists on Spotify than those included in this dataset. But for 10 bucks you get 1000 Playlists to kick off your marketing efforts.

5 additional ideas on how to get on Spotify Playlists

  1. Search in Spotify for Genre + (some variation of “new”)
  2. Use the “Discovered On” section in the Artist profile
  3. Try the service Submithub to be connected with Playlist owners seeking new submissions
  4. Social channels such as Twitter and Instagram
  5. Google for blogs and music review sites

Check out my guest post How to Find Playlists on Spotify that Accept New Music Submissions on Indie On The Move for more on this topic.

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